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will find more foster carers that can open their homes and their hearts to children in need
will help children and their carers to create a safe and happy home together
will connect children with the support services they need to recover from trauma and be their best

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Naomi* was only a child when she became a mum.

She was facing motherhood frightened, homeless, and alone.

She couldn't go back to live with her mum and dad—their struggles with drug and alcohol addiction meant that they couldn’t create a safe home for Naomi or her child.

She couldn’t keep living in her residential care home—it was not a suitable place to raise a baby.

She needed a safe and loving home where she could be supported to be the best mother possible for her baby.

Will you give a gift to help us find more safe and loving foster homes for children like Naomi?

Please make your donation right away so we can give children like Naomi everything they need to heal from childhood trauma and break the cycle of disadvantage.

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