The home was incredibly unclean and unhygienic. There was broken glass on the floor and food scraps that were attracting bugs and mice... 

MacKillop staff found baby Isla crawling on this floor in nothing but a nappy. Her story is one of unimaginable neglect. Drug and alcohol abuse meant her parents couldn’t care for her.

No wonder Isla was already traumatised when she went into foster care at 9 months old. Thirteen foster homes later, she found Sonya. 

Isla was terrified of being left on her own. She would wail if Sonya left the room, even for a couple of minutes. Isla could not cope with childcare, she was afraid someone would pick her up and take her away. Her separation anxiety meant Sonya couldn’t even go to the toilet. 

Please donate today to give a child like Isla a warm, loving home.

The number of children who need foster care is rising. We urgently need to recruit and train more foster carers. With your gift today:

  • You help ensure all children like Isla can find safe and loving homes
  • You give foster carers the support they need to care for children who have gone through neglect, violence and abuse
  • You give a child like Isla the chance to heal and thrive.
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can help recruit and train foster carers who can give children like Isla the love and affection they so desperately need so they can feel safe and secure.



can help provide training, strategies and support in trauma-based care to manage the challenging behaviours of a neglected child like Isla. 


can help provide vital support for foster carers including respite care and the after-hours call service.